PhreeBooks has moved to a new home!

As part of the consolidation of PhreeSoft products, the PhreeBooks project
website has been relocated to it's a new home @

PhreeBooks ERP

                ERP PhreeSoft has released Bizuno, the latest upgrade to PhreeBooks with all the same features and many improvements. Bizuno is a hosted solution so you don't have to be a server wizard to get it up and running. Bizuno Basic is FREE and provides most of the capabilities of PhreeBooks trunk. Bizuno Premium is modestly priced and includes support from the PhreeSoft BizNerds (Nerds that know business, how strange is that?). Both options include support porting over your PhreeBooks database and files using the PhreeBooks to Bizuno Conversion tool. Click Here to learn more about Bizuno.

Project Support

Click Here to visit the PhreeBooks main page @ PhreeSoft. Many HowTos and other support articles have been relocated to the PhreeSoft Knowledge Base. Click Here to visit the PhreeSoft section of the Knowledge Base.


Looking for the Community Forum? The community forum has also moved to the website and combined with the Bizuno Community Forum. Click Here to go directly there.

Latest Release 3.7 @ SourceForge

The latest release is available at Click here to visit the PhreeBooks page at


The PhreeBooks market has been combined with the Bizuno Store located at the Click Here to visit the PhreeSoft Store. Most of the PhreeBooks modules are still FREE!

Development @ GitHub

PhreeBooks development is now completely managed at GitHub. Click here to visit the latest development activity at GitHub. You can follow Release 4.0 development and post issues there as well.